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June 17, 2014 11:09 PM EDT

Questions To Ask Before Choosing a Sailing School

Author: Dave Johnston. 1772 Reads
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  1. Does the school have experienced multilevel instructors who are currently certified? 
  2. Does the school have an internal program for keeping instructors current?
  3.  How many dedicated on the water hours of training do I get
  4.  Is there an online option for the theory component?
  5. What are the options for locations, size of boats, types of boats?
  6. Does the school offer custom courses on the student’s boat?
  7. Is the school registered with a national recognized organization like Sail Canada?
  8. Does the school have proper liability insurance?
  9. Is the school local with local ownership? Is the owner/principal hands on and involved with teaching?
  10. Does the school offer a full range of courses?
  11. Does the school offer a way of developing skills after Basic such as a mentoring program?
  12. Does the school have a partnership program that allows a graduate to continue sailing without owning a boat?
  13. Does the school have affiliation with local yacht clubs offering opportunities for graduates?
  14. Does the school and its partners offer training and advice about the in and outs of boat ownership?
  15. Is the school impartial or is it associated with a business/entity that has a vested interest in selling you a product, such as a boat?

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